Warhammer: The Game of Fantasy Battles is a tabletop wargame created by Games Workshop. The game is designed around regiments of fantasy miniatures battling each other for dominance. It uses stock fantasy races such as humans (The Empire, Bretonnia, Kislev), Elves (Dark Elves, High Elves, Wood Elves), Dwarfs, Undead, Orcs and Goblins, as well as some more unusual types such as Lizardmen, Skaven and the daemonic forces of Chaos. Games Workshop will be updating warhammer fantasy into their new "Age of Sigmar" game this July. At this time little is known about "Age of Sigmar".

About the Organizer: Ron Kent

Ron has been playing miniatures since the early 80's. He was one of the first GW outriders (their version of a demo team). He has at various times owned game stores, worked for game companies as a designer, and run many miniatures leagues. His favorite of all the miniatures games is Warhammer Fantasy. While not much is known about the new GW Fantasy miniatures game called "Age of Sigmar" we will be running a league for it as soon as it becomes available.

Fun Fact: Ron is deathly afraid of sharks and will only swim in the ocean with a large group. He doesn't even like to go in the pool by himself (Sharknado).

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